50 Maldivian Resorts

My villa at Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaaru
It’s been a while since my last status update. I have spent the past three weeks in the Maldives, getting ready for my new life in Denmark that begins next week. Since visiting every country in the world back in April, I have now completed two additional goals, visiting every province of South Africa and stayed at 50 private island resorts in the Maldives over four visits. I am spending my last night in a huge villa at Four Seasons Resort Maldives At Landaa Giraavaru, where I also stayed in 2010. Big thanks to three airlines for making me reach this goal in my fourth trip to the country:

Cathay Pacific
Widely regarded as one of the best airlines in the world, Cathay Pacific is the latest airline to join my travel projects. Cathay Pacific flies to 179 worldwide from its hub in Hong Kong and it is one of my new favourite airlines in the world. Believe it or not, this was my first time I’ve flown Cathay Pacific, despite having flown with over 200 different airlines in the past. I liked the service, the comfort in economy class and the USB plugin, making it possible to charge your electronic devices in the sky. At the same time, Cathay Pacific is a competitive airline with attractive fares year-around. A big thanks to Robecta Ma, Vice President of Marketing, Americas at Cathay Pacific Airways for her excellent service and help with my ticket. I changed plans a few times, but the San Francisco office still made it possible for me to reach this goal.
Maldivian Airlines
The national airline of the Maldives made my stay at Six Senses Laamu possible. Maldivian flies to 20 destinations of which half are domestic. It’s hard to imagine a more scenic domestic flight anywhere in the world. www.maldivian.aero
Trans Maldivian
The Maldives are famous for many things including its seaplane transfers. Selecting a resort in the Maldives can be hard. Some want to be close to Malé, while it for others is a must to stay far away and have the seaplane experience. It is hard to imagine a more beautiful flight experience in the world. Sitting in a small plane and looking down at some of the most stunning islands in the world. Staying close to Malé has its benefits, but you are missing out on something if you’re not trying the seaplane experience. www.transmaldivian.com
So what will happen next week?
After more than six years travelling full time to every country in the world and 96 territories, it is time to stop travelling full time and instead focus on making money. I just don’t have time for that when I travel as I have to meet a lot of people and see a lot of things. I have rented a house in Denmark for the coming months where I will take one day at a time. I have a lot of things to do and also have many additional ideas. I expect to do a lot of radio and Tv shortly. Already on Tuesday, I have been invited to be one hour live on air on the Danish P4 channel. It’s not that I love being in the media, but I accept most invitations for interviews. Also, it simply is necessary to get more media attention to sell more books and lectures.
Why follow me now?
My travels are far from over, and it’s probably going to be even more interesting to follow me onwards. I now have the time to write and share quality content. I might not travel every day anymore, but I will continue to travel often. While I only expect to do a few more trips in 2016, I expect to travel a lot in 2017, getting closer to my goal of visiting every territory in the world. I currently have 36 left. Besides this, I will most probably focus more on leisure travel than cities. I have probably seen 50 times more than I expected in my lifetime, but I still get excited about travelling in the countries I love and discover new little-known destinations around the world.
Scandinavian Airlines is one of my favourite airlines as it feels homely flying them. The journey from the Maldives to Denmark was a long one. 35 hours total after five flights: Landaa Giraavaru – Malé – Hong Kong – London – Copenhagen – Aalborg. Total travel time of nearly 35 hours. The last two by SAS. They are named the most punctual airline in Europe, and it always feels comfortable. A different experience than many of the low-cost carriers I usually fly. In the last years, SAS has lowered their rates and are now more competitive. I would much rather pay a little bit more to SAS to have a better comfort and flight experience than the low-cost carriers I have flown a lot in my journey to every country.