Aman at Summer Palace

Aman Resorts is known for its unique design, location and guest experience. I arrived in Aman at Summer Palace with high expectations, after all, i’ve heard about it. As the name indicates, it’s located at the Summer Palace outside of the city centre of Beijing. The arrival experience was very nice with a nice welcome drink and a talk at the front desk before being escorted to the deluxe suite. The suite had nice snacks and a welcome letter from the assistant general manager.

The suite was very beautiful designed and spacious. The internet is complimentary and worked fine. The facilities is outstanding. How many hotels have private cinemas? Aman at Summer Palace does. I missed The Hurt Locker while it was in the theatre, but was able to see it alone in the hotel. They also bring you popcorn so it feels like going to the movies at home. The occupancy was quite low when I stayed there and I only saw two other guests. I went to the swimming pool, and I was the only one there. 2 minutes after you step into the water they’ll bring you snack to enjoy when you’re finished. The breakfast was very good and so was the service there.

Overall very impressive service, but based on the price you pay and all you’ve heard about Aman you would expect everything to be near perfection. Their English skills need to be improved, and their professionalism should be a little higher. Name recognition did not meet my expectations, but that said it is a magical place. It’s not among my personal favourites, but it’s a very special experience and surely one of the top places to stay in Beijing if not the best.

My opinion: Fantastic experience.