Aman Resorts has been voted the world’s most luxurious hotel chain and is famous for it’s unique experiences with exceptional personalized service.

Amantaka is by far the most expensive hotel in Luang Prabang and my expectations was very high before arriving with their hotel car from Satri House. The check in experience was very nice and a welcome drink was served in the lobby before being escorted to my pool suite. The suite was extraordinary with the simple design Aman Resorts is famous for. There was no Tv in the room, but was available upon request any time. The suite had an amazing outdoor area with private garden and pool which was wonderful.

The most important thing in a hotel is always the service and with Aman I always have high expectations. The hotel has 120 employees and only 8 of those is foreigners. Aman is experts in integrate the local culture in their hotels and it is a very Lao experience. The service is fantastic. There was only 4 guests in the entire hotel and then the service automatically have to be great. It’s much easier to remember 4 guests than 400. The staff is perhaps not the most professional in the world, but they are all friendly, attentive and caring which in my opinion is the most important skills to find in staffs.

The facilities is great as well, it’s nice to arrive alone in the gym and there is three staffs to take care of you. The breakfast and dinner was very overpriced. Breakfast was good, but dinner was disappointing and much better and cheaper in Satri House. I like that you can have breakfast whenever you want. I hate when hotels tells you to have breakfast before 10.30. The breakfast was fantastic and of course a la carte. I also had their tasting menu for dinner and while the service was fantastic the food was not on the same level as Satri House.

Overall a fantastic Aman experience. Their resorts is unique and I love Amans concept. It might be easy to deliver personalized service when you have few guests, but with Aman Resorts you can count on it. It is a very expensive, but special experience. The same could I say about Satri House, but for a much lower price.

My opinion: Fantastic experience.