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Few places are still secluded, left untouched and completely exotic. Few places will let you truly get far away, disconnect, leave it behind, relax and unwind.

Cast yourself to somewhere private, where powder soft sand caresses the beach, where hidden turquoise lagoons are home to breathtaking reefs, where elegant yet naturally simplistic beach or overwater villas have been created for you to rest and sleep. Enveloped by stunning nature and tropical scenery, we’ve created a pristine island hideaway for you in one of the most preserved atolls in the Maldivian archipelago. From snorkeling on the spectacular coral zones, to lounging around as the sun goes down, Amari Havodda is a jewel waiting to be found.

To travel is to explore, to stay and discover, to share experiences that will turn you into a storyteller. The tans may fade but the special moments you find will certainly last the test of time. We hope to have the pleasure to welcome you. Slow life will be exactly how you imagined it to be. Paradise is going to be hard to leave.
Above information is how the hotel presents itself on their website.

Below is my experience based on a two-night stay at the property.

My Arrival Experience: Warm welcome from the team including Daphne Sim, manager of Marketing and Communications.
What I Loved: The beach and that the experience met my expectations.
What About the Food: Great food by the Indian executive chef. My special requests was not a problem, and I was impressed with the quality of the food, especially compared to other Maldivian resorts.
What About the Service: Great service, especially for the price. Brand resorts on average tend to do a better job with the service in the Maldives than the standalone resorts. Some staff could need more training, but most staff did a good job, and I was overall very satisfied with the service.
What About My Room: Beautiful villa with comfortable bed, flat screen Tv and a stunning outdoor bathroom with freestanding bathtub and both indoor and outdoor rain shower. My only problem was the housekeeping’s work at this villa. The floor felt like walking on soap and that the housekeeper had forgotten to rinse with water. They moved me to a new villa despite high occupancy which I appreciated.
Number of Rooms: 120.
Type of Property: Resort.
Location: Maldives.
Facilities: Pool, spa and gym. My spa treatment at Amari was one of the best in my travels. I think the therapists name was Nika. Focusing on release tension as requested and as a result reduced my headache. Highly recommended.
Complimentary Internet: Yes and good for both Skype and videos. Impressive on a private island resort. I would, however, like if they can remove the password process like other island resorts in the Maldives.
My Overall Impression: Great+ experience. A great experience in the Maldives. If you are familiar with the Amari brand in Thailand, expect something completely different here. I’ve stayed at two Amari properties before, and their Maldivian resort is a level or two above. Overall the resort works in all the key areas: Room, service and food and that are in my opinion the reason why this resort has a 5/5 ranking on Tripadvisor for guest satisfaction.