Anantara Resort and Spa Hua Hin

In the last few years, many 5-star hotels have opened in Hua Hin, but it’s hard to pick one that are better than the others. One of the candidates is Anantara Hua Hin which won “Thailands best resort” award in the part. I’m sure it won’t win it again since there has opened many great resorts in Thailand in the past few years. That said it’s still a great resort with good service. I’ve been to many 5-star resorts and the first impressions always includes the cold towel and the welcome drink. If there was an award for that, I think this hotel will win, because the drink was phenomenal. For me, that is just a small detail of many smalls details that you have to look at as a hotel reviewer. If we look at my room, it was just recently renovated and looked nice. Not top class, but good design and comfortable bed and a flat screen Tv as expected for a renovated room. The room is located just one minute from the beach, but that were a downside. There was a wedding in the evening, and the sound of the music were so loud that it was impossible to relax in the room. Very unprofessional in a hotel where privacy should have the highest priority. I complained about it, but they only told me it would stop at 10 PM.

The service in the hotel is good, but not good enough for the name of Anantara, and especially the English skills of the staffs must be improved. I asked for the elevator when I was going to check out, but the breakfast staff did not know the meaning of the word “elevator” and just looked at me. Horrible, how is that possible in a resort that’s been voted best in Thailand? The service was good in the hotel, but they have huge problems with their English and must be improved. The service is far from the best, though, and overall this experience is forgettable and nothing special. A fine place to stay for people who haven’t been to Four Seasons Resort. 8.5 out of 10 from me.

My opinion: Good experience.