Antiq Palace

When you research the best place to stay in Ljubljana, you will be disappointed. There simply is no world class hotels at the moment. That is about to change. Antiq Palace is in the pre-opening process, and I was happy to be one of the first guests in this new top class residence hotel. I stayed here for two nights and from the minute I entered I knew it was a special hotel. I stayed in one of their 13 residential suites, and I was offered a complimentary minibar instead of the welcome drink they are going to offer in the future. I stayed here in the pre-opening process and not everything was ready yet. The residential suite was great and felt completely like a home. Everything had great design and was brand new. The bed was very comfortable, and the kitchen fully stocked. I liked the personal router in each room which makes the complimentary internet works just perfect.

The service is very good, and they make the hotel feel like you’re in your home. The facilities offers health club with three different kinds of saunas, business centre and spa area. Overall this is a great hotel and just what Ljubljana needed. A world class place to stay. I’m looking forward to seeing future reviews of this hotel, and I’m sure everyone will love it. There is potential for a new candidate to the Condé Nast Traveller Gold List.

My opinion: Great experience.