Banyan Tree Hangzhou

After two great experience with the Banyan Tree brand, I went into their Hangzhou property with high expectations. I arrived at the hotel and had a nice welcome. Before arrival, I requested an upgrade and they offered to show me both their Water Terrace Suite and their Water View Villa when I arrived. The occupancy was only 30% so they could easily show me, but still, I appreciate they gave me a choice. They told me many people prefer the Water Terrace Suite, but as I very rarely stay in a villa I wanted to experience the Water View Villa. I loved it. It was top class with lovely typical Banyan Tree design. Banyan Tree also uses the same shampoo, shower gel and body lotion in all their hotels and it’s probably my favourite. It has the best smell.

What I like about Banyan Tree is that they do things a bit different. The villas design is special and unique on its own. What makes this property unique is the property itself which it’s truly unique. Make sure to see all the photos. The service is good without being world class; their English level is not good enough for a Banyan Tree, but it’s a big problem in most of Chinas top properties. The facilities is world class, though. The indoor swimming pool is one of the most beautiful I’ve seen in the world and has nice features too. The food was quite good too, without being exceptional. Overall a special property with world-class villas.

My opinion: Great+ experience.