Banyan Tree Seychelles

I don’t judge a hotel on the number of stars. The star rating system often set according to standards and facilities, but that’s not necessarily what makes a great experience. Many business hotels will have five stars but will only feel comfortable and professional and not necessarily be an experience. My rating system is based entirely on an experience point of view and is as follows:

Banyan Tree is a great brand with beautiful contemporary designed hotels and resorts around the world. I’ve travelled to many countries in the world, but The Seychelles is one of my favourites. It’s beauty, and its people make a difference. When I first time visited the country in 2009 there weren’t as many choices as there is today, but Banyan Tree remains one of the top choices.

Located 45 minutes from Mahe Airport, Banyan Tree was one of my first high-end hotel experiences, and it was just wonderful. From the moment, I arrived I was impressed. The welcome was warm with a tropical drink, and I was right after escorted to the room. I stayed in a pool villa which had a wonderful private pool. The pool villa is gorgeous with large outdoor area, but a small indoor area. Tv, working desk, and comfortable bed in the contemporary Banyan Tree design. The service was a great experience. Lots of foreigners from Asia works here which makes a difference to the local island mentality. The food was a good experience and the high service level in the restaurant impressed me as well. With rates starting at 1.000 dollars, it probably isn’t the best value in The Seychelles. The value will all depend on your income. It is certainly excellent value if money is no object.

Overall a wonderful experience in one of my favourite places in the world. I just re-visited The Seychelles in 2012, and it’s still one of my favourite destinations.

Private pool

My opinion: Great+ experience.