Carlisle Bay

Carlisle Bay is a member of The Leading Hotels of the World and that was my main reason for selecting it as my last hotel in Antigua.

I arrived with bus from St. John and received a warm welcome from the receptionists and the Egyptian hotel manager. After a little talk I waas escorted to my room. A Ocean Suite with a great ocean view. It had a nice modern design, comfortable bed, but there was nothing I haven’t seen before.

With only 82 rooms I had high expectations for the service and it was great after Caribbean standards. Friendly and professional staff and this resort is surely up to the standards of Leading Hotels of the World.

The facilities was unique as it had it’s own private cinema which is quite unusual for hotels. The only other hotel I’ve stayed which had that is The Aman at Summer Palace near Beijing. I watched a movie there, but they should not charge 5 dollars for a small bag of cold popcorns. Aman didn’t charge anything for good fresh popcorns.

The food was another pleasant experience. The breakfast was very good and after the breakfast I was leaving Carlisle Bay and Antigua after 4 great experiences.

Overall a great and interesting experience to the portfolio. It’s a resort that works in all areas and is highly recommended as a hotel to select in Antigua.

My opinion: Great experience.