Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island was once voted the best hotel in the world by Tripadvisor and I always wanted to stay there. In October 2011 it finally happend.

I arrived with sea plane from Male and received a warm welcome and a drink before being escorted to the room.

I stayed in a Deluxe Beach Villa which had 300 square mestres in a modern Maldivian design. The bed was comfortable and I really liked the outdoor bathtub and it’s design. The outdoor shower is pretty much standard in Maldives, but it was great to find one here as well.

Conrad Maldives website says they have 7 world-class restaurants, but that wasn’t my experience. The four I visited definitely had great food, but didn’t find it world class when you compare with great gourmet restaurants around the world. I was very satisfied with the food, but the prices is expensive as well. It’s just how Maldives is and there is nothing to do about it. I didn’t eat in their under-water restaurant, but I had a look. It’s unique in this world, but the prices is very costly. There is a limited number of seats every nights so it’s important to book in advance to secure the seat.

The internet is complimentary as the only Conrad hotel in the world. It worked fine, but is definitely not high speed. Some people think Maldives will be boring after a few days, but Conrad has a lot of activites and facilities that you could spend 2 weeks here without getting bored.

Despite having 150 rooms I had high expectations for the service based on what I’ve read in the past. Conrad Maldives has great and helpful staff, but the personalized service is missing. With 300 guests it’s impossible to remember your guests names, but that also makes it an excellent family resort.

Overall a great experience and by far the best in the Conrad portfolio. It’s expensive, but it’s good value for the experience you get. 150 rooms is too much for my own personal preference, but I can understand why everyone loves Conrad Maldives.

My opinion: Great+ experience.