Copacabana Palace

Orient-Express always impress me with their unique different properties around the world. Not like the other chain where you find the same experience in different locations. Copacabana Palace is a member of The Leading Hotels of the World and has a long history as the best hotel in Rio de Janeiro.

I arrived in the hotel with expectations, but was very surprise I had to wait at check in, but even more surprised that there was only one receptionist. After a few minutes another one came I could finally check in. I was happy to be upgraded to a Pool&Ocean Suite which was a renovated room.

Copacabana Palace is tired in some areas and that included many of the rooms so it was nice to stay in a really great suite. It had separate sitting area, working desk, comfortable bed and great views. I also recieved a handwritten welcome card which I always appreciate.

With Orient-Express I always expect the service to have the highest standards, but Copacabana Palace did not meet my expectations. The service was good, but as many people have written the service level in Brazil is not like Asia and is mainly because of the culture. It’s like The Caribbean, but I had hope Copacabana Palace would be an exception. The facilities was very nice with a great swimming pool, but the hotel is very big and I don’t like when there is too many people around. That is another thing I didn’t like. 245 rooms is too much for my preferrence.

Food is extremly overpriced and it was also the first hotel I’ve stayed that charged guests for bike use. All this sounds like a bad experience, but it’s small details in a otherwise great historical hotel. The building, the history and the views is the main reasons to stay here. I very much prefer Fasano in Rio de Janeiro, but it will depend a lot on your personal preferrence.

Overall an interesting experience Orient-Express experience to the portfolio. It’s a great historical and classical hotel, but the service level must be improved to become one of the worlds very bests historical hotels.

My opinion: Great experience.