Da Vittorio

Location: Just outside, Bergamo, Italy.

My Experience: Had I had a wonderful short stay at Da Vittorio the other day. It started with a warm welcome at check-in, a short registration before the receptionist escorted me to the room. A beautiful, comfortable room with high-speed internet access, nice welcome amenities and a bathroom with a separate bathtub from the shower.

Da Vittorio is world famous for its food as it has three Michelin stars and is a member of the prestigious Relais & Châteaux organisation. Although it is a place to travel for the food, I really like the hotel part of my stay as well. Set in beautiful surroundings close to Bergamo, I enjoyed the afternoon, but was, of course, looking forward to the highlight at 7:30 PM, the dinner at their three Michelin-starred restaurant. 16 courses total. Menu and photos of the food are below. To get three Michelin stars, you must not only have outstanding food but also have excellent service, and that impressed me a lot at Da Vittorio. Very attentive. What surprised me was how easy it was to talk to the staff as many of the finest restaurants I’ve been to have been way too formal and less friendly than here. It made the experience even better to have friendly staff to serve me instead of formal staff that won’t smile.

Da Vittorio is named after Vittorio Cerea, which opened the restaurant for the first time in 1966 with his wife, Bruna. Vittorio had a focus on fish which was unusual for locals at the time. Today, fish is still a big part of the menu at Da Vittorio, but I can’t say it was my favourite on the menu. I liked all dishes, and their creativity was fascinating to experience. Like the candyfloss at the very end of the evening. First time I’ve seen that at any restaurant, but very interesting way to end a great evening. The stay ended with an excellent breakfast that included an amazing yogurt with white chocolate. Amazing place!

Duration of Stay/Visit: One night.

My Opinion: Great+ experience.

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