Desert Islands Resort & Spa

Located 2 hours from Abu Dhabi, Desert Islands Resort & Spa offers a unique desert hotel experience in The UAE. I arrived at the hotel after a short boat trip from the mainland to a warm welcome.

Desert Islands Resort & Spa was like stepping into another world and had a lovely feel, including in the beautiful rooms with comfortable bed, separate shower from the bathtub and fruit as welcome amenities.

The most important thing in a hotel is always the service, and Desert Islands Resort&Spa was very good. It makes a difference being part of a great brand like Anantara regarding training, and the front desk was very professional and helpful with all requests. Some staff was quite new and of course need more training, but the attitude was right, and that is always the most important thing. When staying remote places, food is always very important as you don’t have a second choice. The food was very good with attentive service, and Desert Islands has an advantage of having only 64 rooms compared to the bigger UAE hotels.

Finally, it’s worth to mention the activities which are a big part of the experience here. The safari experience with very knowledgeable South African guides is great, and Desert Islands is highly recommended for a great, different experiences in The UAE.

My opinion: Great experience.