Experience Minsk with Belarus Tour Service

I have now been to all countries in Europe. Belarus being the last and most difficult country in Europe to visit. Belarus is the only country in Europe (with Russia) that require EU-Citizens to obtain a visa. As I don’t like visits to embassies, I decided to research if there was an easier way to get the visa. The answer is Belarus Tour Service, a company that can provide you with a letter of invitation to obtain the visa on arrival at Minsk International Airport without having to visit a Belarusian embassy.

Belarus Tour Service can also provide you with the exact visa information. You can save a lot by visiting Belarus on a transit visa if the stay is less than three days. Another requirement to obtain the cheaper transit visa is to depart to a different country than the one you came from. Send them an email for the latest requirements and they will e-mail you back. They always responded fast to my emails, and I found their service to be excellent.

Belarus Tour Service can – as the name indicates – also provide you with tours and transportation in their country. Belarus Tour Service did a guided city tour for me, and it was great to know a bit about their country and see the highlights of the capital.

Minsk is not luxury destination, but there are comfortable hotels around. Renaissance Minsk Hotel is perhaps the best place to stay in the city and it is actually one of the better Marriott hotels I have stayed. This 267-room hotel has Contemporary design, comfortable beds and free WiFi. Quite a surprise in a city like Minsk and a well-deserved number one position on Tripadvisor of all hotels in the Belarusian capital.

I thank Belarus Tour Service for their help and I can highly recommend them for anyone visiting Belarus.