Experience Pakistan with Untamed Borders

I recently visited Pakistan for four days and enjoyed it thanks to Serena Hotel in Islamabad and Untamed Borders.

Obtaining a tourist visa for Pakistan is one of the most difficult challenges in visiting all the countries in the world. First of all, it can only be obtained in your home country and secondly you need an invitation. Lost Horizon helped me with an invitation, and I can highly recommend them. They both fast and cheap.

Where to stay? Serena hotel in Islamabad is the best hotel in Pakistan, and I enjoyed my stay at their beautiful 5-star property. Click here to read my review. There are also budget options, but as I stayed four nights at Serena, I did not look into those.

Who to fly? I arrived with Etihad from its base in Abu Dhabi. It is one of the best airlines in the world and officially awarded 4-stars. The service is great compared to other airlines, and I especially like the electronic plug in to charge your devices during the flight. I departed Pakistan onboard an Airblue plane to Dubai. It is a Pakistani airline and not of the same quality as Etihad, but, on the other hand, a bit cheaper. I wouldn’t hesitate to fly them again as it felt like flying most other airlines in the world.

Untamed Borders is the only company with tours to Mogadishu and ski resorts in Afghanistan. Untamed Borders are, however, also one of the leading tour operators in Pakistan. Untamed Borders took me around Islamabad and two  World Heritage sites located less than an hour from Islamabad. The car was clean, the driver friendly and the English speaking guide very knowledgeable about his country.

I would like to thank Untamed Borders for being part of my project, and I can certainly highly recommend the company if you wish to visit Pakistan.