Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta

After a great experience with St. Regis and Ritz-Carlton I was exciting to see if Four Seasons could compete with that. I arrived in the hotel and had a quick check in before being escorted to the elevator. Because of high occupany a suite upgrade wasn’t possible and I was given a deluxe room which was one of the weakest I have seen from Four Seasons. It had dated parts like no separate shower from the bath tub and in general a dated design. It was like that with the entire hotel and a renovation is desparately needed. I liked the service though, it was up to Four Seasons standard with well trained staff and proffesional service. That is what makes this a great experience because service is always the most important thing. That said, I would not be staying again because it desperately needs renovation and there is a brand new St. Regis in town.

My opinion: Good experience.