Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas

Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas is both one of the largest and cheapest Four Seasons hotels and based on that I kept my expectations low before arriving in the hotel.

I arrived at the hotel and had a pleasant check in an experience where I was upgraded to an Executive Suite. There was no escort to the suite, and it was quite a walk to find it. This hotel is a way to big for my taste. Over 400 rooms and 800 guests are not what I like. It makes it very difficult to deliver the personalised service that is necessary to have a great experience. The Executive Suite was very nice, but also very typically Four Seasons. No surprises, but a comfortable suite where I’ve seen it all before.

The service was as expected. Very good with well-trained staff, but nothing outstanding which you can’t expect for the price either. The swimming pool area is very nice and a great place to relax after spending a day in downtown Vegas. I had a 30 minutes spa treatment in the hotel, and I liked it. It’s a good spa, but the spa facilities can be improved. My most memorable memory of Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas was the food. The chef knew about my project in advance, and he made a 12-course tasting menu for me. Yes, 12 courses. It was all excellent and so was the service which made it a great experience. Overall it’s not one of the best Four Seasons. They have too many rooms and guests for my taste, but that is how Las Vegas is. The value is outstanding, but not as good as Mandarin Oriental which for me must be the best hotel in Las Vegas.

My opinion: Great experience.