Four Seasons Hotel New York

It’s not many city hotels in the world that charges up to 1.000 dollars for a standard room, but Four Seasons Hotel New York is one of them and that gave me high expectations for my stay.

First of all I didn’t stay in one of those 1.000 dollars á night standard rooms. At check in I was upgraded to a lovely Executive Suite on one of the highest floors with fantastic views of New York. The check in process went very well and as expected the staff was well trained and top professional.

The Executive Suite is similar to the other Executive Suites of Four Seasons I’ve stayed in accross America. Contemporary design, separate living room from bedroom, separate shower from bath tub and with a nice detail. There is a note in the bath tub that it will fill up in 60 seconds and it does. I hate low water pressure and you have to wait 30 minutes for the bath to be ready. The suite also had welcome ammenities and a handwritten welcome card which I always appreciate.

The facilities were acceptable for Four Seasons, but for the price I would expect a better spa. It’s good and not too crowded, but many Four Seasons in America have better spas than this one and have much cheaper rates. The most important thing in a hotel is the service and Four Seasons Hotel New York did not disappoint. Top professional staff makes this hotel succesful. Service is also about going the extra mile and the receptionist checking me in remembered our conversation at check in. I told him I would always like to read newspapers I’ve never read before. As they only offered newspapers I already knew he gave me other newspapers in the morning from the street. A great and appreciated detail. With over 350 rooms it’s hard to deliver personalized service, but with top professional staff at least some details can be personalized.

Overall it was a very prestigious experience. The hotel is very similar to other – and much cheaper – Four Seasons city hotels, but one level better. It’s too big for my taste, but I have to be objective and not only look at my own preferrence. Staff is some of the most professional in the world and I understand why many people loves this hotel.

My opinion: Great+ experience.