Grand Hotel Stockholm

When looking for the best hotel in Stockholm, it’s very easy to find the best. Grand Hotel Stockholm is the only LHW-property in Northen Europe and might be the best hotel in Scandinavia. The check in went easy, but there was no escort to the room. I talked to the general manager about this, and he was surprised since it’s their policy to escort all guest to the room. I stayed in a Deluxe Harbor View Room in the wing of the hotel, and it had a wonderful view of the harbour. The room also featured a very comfortable bed, LCD-TV, mini-bar, excellent bathroom and complimentary wireless internet. I was delighted with this room as the cheapest rooms are tiny, and some have complained about the lack of space in reviews. The newly built Raison d’Etre Spa & Fitness in the basement is one of the best I’ve seen in Europe. It’s awesome with the indoor swimming pool, sauna and jacuzzi. The fitness room is great and have all you need. The service level is great at this hotel but needs a little more personalised service to be on the level with the very best. However, I was delighted to see a handwritten welcome letter from the general manager.

Overall this is the only choice for a truly luxurious hotel in Stockholm in my opinion. It’s crucial that you stay in at least a deluxe room because the cheapest rooms are tiny and don’t do the hotel justice. With its new world-class spa & fitness this property has the potential to be included in the lists of the best European hotels. Highly recommended.

My opinion: Great experience.