Grasmere Lodge

Grasmere Lodge is a very remote lodge in the middle of nowhere, 2 hours drive from Christchurch.

I received a warm welcome from the owners and was offered a drink of my own choice before being escorted to the room.

I stayed in a River View Cottage and it’s close to be one of my favorite villas. The views were out of this world and it felt like having my own house. The bed was comfortable, the Tvs were flatscreen and the minibar and snacks were included. The cottage also had it’s own buggy as it’s located a bit far from the lobby and restaurant area. The bathroom had a jacuzzi tub and the cottage was overall an experience in itself.

The food exceeded my expectations. The dinner was great and easily up to the standards of the Michelin restaurants I’ve eaten in Europe.

The service is always the most important thing and Grasmere Lodge is very personalized. A total of 15 rooms, but with a small amount of staff. The owners are extremly friendly and helpful and have done a great job with the lodge. The surroundings makes the experience even more special and this is surely one of the best hotels in the Small Luxury Hotels of the World collection.

Overall a fantastic experience. I loved this lodge. The room, the service, the food and the incredible surroundings made it a unique and special experience.

My opinion: Great+ experience.