Heritage Park Honiara

Heritage Park Honiara is the only quality hotel in the capital of The Solomon Islands and with rates starting at USD300, I was exicted to see how good it would be.

The hotel has 75 comfortable air-conditioned rooms with lots of amenities in the bathroom. – “We want to give our guests value points” the Indian General Manager explained me. The rates are very expensive, but Heritage Park Hotel charges this because they can. There is no quality alternatives in the small capital of Honiara and the business travelers needs a comfortable hotel with internet you can count on. The internet in The Solomon Islands is some of the most expensive in the world and with no option of unlimited internet packages for the hotels. Heritage Park offers it’s guests 2 hours of complimentary internet pr. day with a maximum use of 50 MB. A good solution as all other hotels in The Solomon Islands and The Cook Island charges for any use of internet. Again it’s about value point for the guests.

The service could definitely be better. I have experienced great service in The Pacific before, but The Solomon Islands has little tourism compared to those and it’s hard for a hotel to train the locals to deliver professional service in a location like this. On the other hand, I found the staff to be friendly and a very late check out was given to me during my 2-night stay as well.

Officially Heritage Park Hotel is a 4 star and I think that is fair. I would give it 4 star as well if I could. The food is good as well and reasonable priced as the cost of level in The Solomon Islands is incredibly high. Just walk into one of the local super markets and you will be shocked.

Overall Heritage Park is a must for business travelers travel to The Solomon Islands. For tourists the choice will be between staying comfortable in a hotel that works or staying in one of the local guests houses for a local experience and to safe money. The rates are indeed high, but the management know what travelers want and I think they do a pretty good job in a tough location.

My opinion: Good+ experience.