Hotel Contempo

Hotel Contempo is the best place to stay in Managua, the capital of Nicaragua and is very true to it’s name. Very contemporary design and unique rooms which all are different from one another.

Hotel Contempo is very small and has 20 rooms at the moment, but will soon have another 3. The lobby very contemporary like a W hotel. The lobby has reception, concierge and open bar and restaurant. I had dinner in the restaurant and it was OK, more or less. The ingredients used in the salad wasn’t fresh, but the main course had great fish and taste. There isn’t much facilities in Hotel Contempo, but a massage room without an actual spa is an option if you need that.

The most important thing in a hotel is the service and it was up to a good standard. Friendly staff, although only a few were able to speak English. It was not possible to have a proper conversation with the restaurant manager and everything had to go though front desk. Not a big problem and kind of what I expected in a boutique hotel in Nicaragua as it’s quite normal in Central America.

Overall a very nice little hotel. Unique design details, internet that works and a quiet location. I would definitely prefer to get an experience in Hotel Contempo compared to the the typical chian hotels which are the alternatives in Managua.

My opinion: Good+ experience.