Hotel D’Angleterre Copenhagen

Kindly note: Stayed here before my project started. I was easily impressed and not very experienced with hotels as the review below indicates. 

D’Angleterre was one of my first 5-star hotel experiences and one of the reasons I got a passion for hotels. I arrived in the afternoon on a cold October day in 2009. I stayed in a beautiful old fashion Deluxe Room with

a terrace and view of “Kongens Nytorv.” The hotel was outdated in parts, but that’s the reason they have just decided to renovate it. Especially the bathrooms need a new makeover. One of the things I loved was the spa area in the basement. Fantastic with excellent facilities. The breakfast was another great experience with a large breakfast buffet. It is no coincidence I saw Prince Felix eat just next to me.

Overall I give five stars out of five for a unique experience, but please remember to stay in a Deluxe Room at least. Their cheapest rooms need renovation, and I think that’s the main reason there are mixed reviews of this hotel. If you stay in at least a Deluxe Room, you won’t regret paying the price for an experience like this. Update: D’Angleterre is being renovated at the moment, and I have to visit it again in the future. Also, remember this was my first 5-star experience, and I was very easily impressed.

My opinion: Great experience.