Hotel Deville

Finding the best hotel in Panama is easy. Leading Hotels of the World member Bristol wins that easily, but as a hotel passionist I wanted to check out the second best hotel in the city which easily is Hotel Deville.

I arrived in the hotel with taxi from the airport and after a short check in process I was escorted to my room. I stayed in a Grand suite and while it was out-dated it had nice features. It had two levels with the sitting area below and the bedroom upstairs. Both levels had bathrooms and the suite had in general a lot of space. If the suite gets updated it can become really great.

The hotel is very small and I expected personalized service from friendly service and that is exactly what I got. Extremly helpful with sightseeing of Panama and with scanning of travel documents. The hotel also offers free internet in the throughout the entire hotel and free local calls within Panama. When you compare with it with Bristol it’s a benefit for the economical traveller as Bristol charge a lot of both internet and local calls. The location is one block from Bristol and is convenient to exploring the city, but you need transport to explore all of the city as the sightseeing is spread out.

Overall it’s a nice experience. A renovation is desparately needed to take the hotel from good to great.

My opinion: Good experience.