Hotel König von Ungarn

Conde Nast Traveller’s Gold list can be a good guide for selecting the best hotels around the world, but sometimes there are hotels I just can’t believe included in that list. Hotel König von Ungarn is one of them. It’s currently ranked number one in Vienna on Tripadvisor with almost everyone giving it 5 out of 5, after my experience here I don’t understand why. It all started good with a nice welcome, and bellman escorted me to the room, but then the problems started. First of all the room didn’t look special at all, it was just OK and acceptable. I was happy to see the internet was free of charge, and they gave me a password so I could use it in my room, but it did not work in the room. I, therefore, had to go to the lobby where the internet worked fine. Then the biggest problem came along. Smoking allowed in the lobby, shockingly.

I hated the lobby because they shockingly allow smoking. It’s shocking a hotel in a country like Austria allows that even in a country like India there is a law against it because passive smoking is killing thousands of innocent people. I firmly believe people should always have a choice whether they want smoking or not.

They told me the internet was free, and they would deliver the password to my door. The internet did not work, and I had to go to the lobby where there was smoke everywhere and therefore a horrible place to be for a non-smoker.

Overall I don’t understand why this hotel part of the Condé Nast Traveller’s Gold List. For smokers, it might be a nice experience, but for non-smokers, it can be a nightmare.

My opinion: Good experience.