Hotel Medusa Lampedusa

Hotel Medusa is a charming small 4-star hotel that are one of the few good hotels in the Italian territory of Lampedusa. The design is classical Italian and although the hotel isn’t a luxury hotel, it feels charming a very comforable. The staff don’t speak English, but 99.9% of all guests are Italians so there isn’t really the need for it. The staff was very friendly though and I communicated with them though Google Translate. A very fun experience.

There isn’t many facilities, but their restaurant has received great reviews and might be one to check out during your stay in Lampedusa. My stay here was short, but very pleasant. The internet is complimentary so you can easily connect with people at home during your holiday. To sum up, Hotel Medusa is not a luxury hotel, but it’s a charming small 4 star hotel with wonderful staff. Highly recommended as you don’t have many other choices in Lampedusa.

My opinion: Good experience.