Hotel Melia Tortuga

Hotel Melia Tortuga is the only 5 star hotel in Cape Verde and is located 10 minutes from the centre of Santa Maria. Melia Tortuga has 271 rooms total which are very comfortable in a contemporary design and with separate shower from the bathtub. The hotel is managed by Meliá Hotels International and it feels like a typical well-managed chain hotel.

The guests here are mainly from European charter companies and guests really love the all-inclusive concept. I have never been a fan of typical charter hotels or all-inclusive concepts, but Meliá Tortuga was a good experience. The food was acceptable and the service friendly. The beach is a big selling point and not as crowded as in Santa Maria, which is a plus. Finally it’s important to note this hotel charges for internet which is really disappointing to see from a hotel in 2012. Overall definitely a good hotel experience and one of the best in Cape Verde. It would not be a 5-star hotel in other parts of the world, but great hotels it’s not the reason to visit Cape Verde.

My opinion: Good experience.