Hotel Monasterio by Orient-Express

Orient-Express keeps impress me with their lovely hotels around the world. Hotel Monasterio has been included in many lists of the world’s best hotels and after my stay I fully understand that.

It all started when I arrived in the airport and I meet one of their extremly helpful staff at their stand. He escorted me to the taxi and I was on my way to Monasterio. I recieved a very warm welcome from the staff and was offered a cup of tea while we did the registration. After that I was escorted to the room and it was lovely. A two level junior suite with the bedroom on the ground and livingroom on the top. The bathroom was out-dated with shower in the bath tub and is something that is very difficult to change for hotels. Mainly because of space limits. The bed was acceptable, but could in my opinion be more comfortable.

What makes Monasterio such a special hotel is history, service and design. The service was very attentive, professional and friendly. I wish the hotel was a little smaller because the number of rooms is a little too much after my taste, but that does not destroy a unique experience.

If I should pick two things that must be improved it should be the English level of the staff and the breakfast. The breakfast wasn’t impressive and the restaurant manager there spoke a very limited of English and didn’t understood my complain.

Overall it’s a unique experience like no other. It has it’s own unique style, great service. It’s an experience you can only have in Monasterio and that is the reason why you must stay here. You have to visit Peru at least once in your life anywhere. It’s a magical country.

My opinion: Great+ experience.