Hotel Tugu Bali

Hotel Tugu Bali is a small authentic 22-room hotel with membership og Kiwi Collection, Mr&Mrs Smith and locally designed unlike any other property I have stayed in Bali.

Upon check out the General Manager told me his hotel isn’t for everyone, but we both agreed its certainly something unique and different from the other hotel options in Bali. I stayed in a one of their suites with private swimming pool, flatscreen Tv, bed that could have been more comfortable, rainshower in the bathtub and an authentic design everywhere. I liked it for a night, but like the GM said, its certainly not for everyone. The service is good with friendly staff, but a lot more training is needed to compete on any kind of a level with Bali’s better hotels. That is the difference here, you get a very local experience, but without the professional service you find in the other Balinese hotels with this price tag. Hotel Tugu charges all guests for all food including me so can’t comment on it, but only recommend it as an authentic Balinese experience based on what I saw.

My opinion: Good+ experience.