How Grammarly Improves My Blog

Grammarly is one of the world’s leading proofreading and plagiarism-detection resources and with English not being my first language, I decided to take up their offer of a free trial. After the seven day trial, my conclusion was clear. Grammarly is fantastic for both my blog and emailing. Even if English is your first language, Grammarly will notice if you have mistyped any words in seconds or if your grammar wasn’t correct.

I began learning English in school when I was perhaps eight years of ago and have obviously improved over my years in school. It was, however, only when I began my travel project to visit all countries and territories, in 2010, that I took it to the next level. By having, constant interactions and meetings with people in the hotel industry, I improved my level of English a lot, but to this day, I still make mistakes here and there. I opened my first English-language blog in 2010 and with Grammarly I have now edited some of my early travel articles with great results. Below is one of my first articles of the well-known, Burl Al Arab in Dubai, after editing it with Grammarly.

One of the first articles: Burj Al Arab

This world famous hotel was on my must do list for five years, but finally – as a 21-year-old I managed to stay here. It was better than expected and an experience I will never forget. I arrived at Dubai International Airport very excited and couldn’t wait for my arrival. I got a ride with a local expat I met on the flight. My name noted at the security check and told to the front desk to create a great first impression at check-in.

I received a warm welcome by name before a welcome drink and local snacks followed by an escort to my suite by my personal butler.

My Suite
I stayed in a 170 Sqm One Bedroom Deluxe Suite.with a lower and upper level. On the lower level, you will find the living room with large lounge, dining table for four, private bar counter and a small toilet. At the upper level, you will find a dressing room, bedroom with king size bed and an impressive bathroom with large jacuzzi. All in a classical gold design. The only thing I didn’t like about the room categories was the fact that you can’t get a non-smoking room. Smoking is allowed in all public areas including all rooms.

The Service
The service is some of the best I’ve seen so far. It’s a big hotel, but with personalized service because of the butler service that works very well. The staff is top professional and well-trained.

The place itself
The building is world-famous, and it’s easy to see why. Beautifully designed with a unique design.

To sum up, Burj Al Arab certainly delivers a fantastic experience on many levels. It’s an iconic building and one of the world’s most famous hotels. I usually don’t like big hotels, but this is an exception where close to everything is “over the top”. The high rates are too expensive for what you get, but it’s one of a kind hotel and a “Once in a lifetime experience” for many.

I am currently writing a new book about my travels to all countries and Grammarly, yet again Grammarly comes in handy. I edited my two first e-books, Hotel Passion Collection and How to Improve Your Guest Experience with Grammarly and I would not have been comfortable to publish it without the help of Grammarly.

While you can use a free version that lets you know of the basic errors, you will have to pay for the premium version that covers everything.

Individual Subscription Plans
$29.95 /month

$59.95 /quarter

Best Value
$139.95 /year

Chrome Extention
When I am on my computer, the Chrome Extention is just fantastic. Now, I don’t have to copy text manually into, as the extension will check my text automatically. It is especially useful for the hundreds of e-mails I send every week. To sum up, Grammarly is a necessity for me, and I would highly recommend it to anyone. Especially people that don’t have English as their native language, but have to do business in the language.

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