Impossible to Hitchhike in Rhodes

Rhodes is one of the most popular European charter destinations and for good reasons. The island is beautiful with Rhodes Old Town (World HeritageSite) as the main attraction. I stayed in Spirit of the Knight Boutique Hotel, a uniquely designed boutique hotel and at the 5-star, Atrium Platinum Resort & Spa. On arrival in Rhodes, I tried to hitchhike from the airport to Rhodes Old Town, where Spirit of the Knight is located. After 45 minutes, I gave up and took the 2,20 Euros bus.

On the way back to the airport today, I tried again and never gave up. I kept trying for two hours while I was walking towards the airport. Nobody stopped and I ended up walking 11 kilometres from Atrium Platinum Resort & Spa to Rhodes International Airport. I really liked Rhodes despite not being able to hitchhike. With a good public transport system and relatively rich tourists visting, anyone should be able to take a bus or a taxi so why would the locals stop? I guess that is why Rhodes is an impossible place to hitchhike.

I am now back in Athens for one night before going to the south of Greece tomorrow. I really like Greece and will certainly visit it again and again.