Jungle Bay Resort & Spa

Dominica is one of of the least turisted places I have been and when I left I felt lucky and sad at the same time about that. Lucky to have explored a wonderful place and sad because so few have explored it. Jungle Bay is without a doubt the best place to stay on the island and after a one hour drive from the small airport I arrived to a warm welcome.

Tripadvisor reviews indicated that this would be a special experience, but it exceeded my expectations because I had never tried anything quite like it before. I stayed in a Cottage and it was very nice with an outdoor shower and a hammock on the balcony. Lovely.

I really liked the concept of Jungle Bay. It’s eco luxury at it’s best. All products is local and you simply can’t get a more local experience. The food was very good and so was the service. The staff is simply fantastic and none of them had any hotel experience before arriving in Jungle Bay. The owners trained them to a very high level and everything in Jungle Bay surprised me. They also have a spa where I had a very good treatment and Jungle Bay is a special place I can highly recommend to anyone.

My opinion: Great+ experience.