Kuramathi Island Resort

Kuramathi Island Resort is one of the biggest resorts in The Maldives, but felt well-run from the moment I arrived. It started with a boat trip with several other guests before arriving to island.

I stayed in a Beach Villa with comfortable bed, separate rain shower and jacuzzi tub. There is internet available in the room, but shockingly to see an independent hotel charge for internet in 2013. It makes no sense and 99% of all travellers agree with it. I think there should be a rule among travellers only to rate maximum 4 of 5 on Tripadvisor to hotels that charges for internet. It’s what travellers hate most about hotels and some just don’t get it. The more than 1.700 reviews on Tripadvisor are however mostly excellent and most have had the time of their life. Mainly because The Maldives is a once in a life time destination for many people that normally don’t go to resorts of this level.

Where you can really feel the big size of the resort is while having breakfast, lunch or dinner. Lots of people around at the buffet and so many tables. It does not feel exclusive in my opinion, but Kuramathi feels well-managed and the buffets were quite good. Their ala carte restaurants are at a higher price, but also with higher quality, however far from the best food in The Maldives. One of the plus points for Kuramathi is the many facilities, activities and dining options due to it’s high number of rooms. It’s really great for especially families and guests that don’t require personalized service. It’s like a Las Vegas of The Maldives. The staff are professional, especially at front desk and is a big plus point for me.

The bottom line is that Kuramathi is well-run and managed except the internet charge of course. I rank it as a great experience due to it’s professional staff, nice rooms and the location. It’s really hard to have a bad time in The Maldives.

My opinion: Great experience.