Kuwait Airways Joins My Project

Kuwait Airways is the latest airline to participate in my project of visiting all countries. I offer all participating airlines a promotion on my social media accounts and an article about their airline based on my flight experience with them.

Kuwait Airways flies to 34 destinations in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia from its base in Kuwait. Kuwait Airways sponsored me a ticket from Kuala Lumpur to London with a six-hour stopover in Kuwait. I had already been to Kuwait in 2012, and during my six hours I spent most of it at the recently rebranded Symphony Style Hotel.

My flights with Kuwait Airways was on time and very comfortable. The first leg was in business while the second was in economy. Kuwait Airways is officially a 3-star airline, rated by Skytrax and I consider it fair. Comparable to many similar national carriers and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kuwait Airways to anyone, should their fares be the lowest. You can check them below or compare them with other airlines at sites like kayak.com.