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Kiribati is the fourth least visited country in the world and after eight nights in the country, I can understand why. It is a lovely, beautiful country, but the infrastructure and set up for tourism is non-ex

Air Kiribati began operations in 1995 and has since connected the country domestically and with an international flight to Nadi. Air Kiribati is often fully booked in advance, but the airline managed to offer me a short day trip to Abaiang on their small aircraft. I enjoyed the short flight and experience. Kiribati comprises 33 atolls and reef islands and one raised coral island, Banaba. I managed to visit North Tarawa, South Tarawa and Abaiang during my 8-night visit and enjoyed it. There is obviously a lot more to experience, but you will have to deal with the primitive conditions of travelling around. If you would like to visit an exotic country off the beaten path, I can’t think of a better country than Kiribati. I met the CEO, and they are all aware of the situation. He said something like, only when you have visited the whole world, you will visit Kiribati.

Where to stay?
The George Hotel Together with Betio Lodge one of the two best places to stay in Kiribati. Surprisingly complimentary and fast Wi-Fi by Pacific standards.
Betio Lodge Together with The George one of the two best places to stay in Kiribati. Basic, but comfortable. Watch the video for details.

Around 5,000 tourists a year and if you are adventurous, why not try and increase that number?