Latest Sponsor: IndiGo

IndiGo is the latest airline to make a big difference for my project. IndiGo sponsored me four flights, which made a very big difference to the project. It allowed me to visit the Indian territories of Kashmir and Sikkim (via overland trip from Bagdogra Airport) and to visit a total of 223 countries and territories as of today.

IndiGo has won a number of awards for its great comfort and excellent service despite being a low budget airline. Their rates are very attractive and there is no difference between flying Indigo and any 3-star airline. Only difference is that you pay for stuff, the regular airlines gives you. Instead you get a much cheaper ticket and getting from A to B is the whole point of flying.

IndiGo also has one of the best on-time performances in India and I can’t thank them enough for being part of my project.