Little Polynesian

Rarotonga is a place without any world class hotels and to find the four best places to stay was quite a challenge. When looking at the highest rates and best reviews Little Polynesian came up as my first choice in Rarotonga and after my stay I am happy to conclude it’s a really great place.

It all started when I arrived and was given a drink before being escorted to the villa. I had a beachfront bungalow which exceeded my expectations in many ways. Beautiful simple designed and with outdoor shower and jacuzzi which for many would be wow factors. The only thing I didn’t like about the villa was the sinks. It was difficult to wash hands because of no space between the tap and the sink itself. Besides that the villa was world class and I was excited to see how good the service level could be.

The service is always the most important thing and I wasn’t disappointed. The staff was very friendly and helpful and had the right attitude. More training could be needed to become really great, but when you have the right attitude you have a lot of potential.

The food was very good. Both breakfast and lunch was very tasteful, but also expensive compared to the alternatives in The Cook Islands. The internet is chargeable pr. MB as in any other hotel in Rarotonga and I of course hope this will change as soon as possible. The beach was very nice and Rarotonga is definitely a very beautiful destination I can highly recommend. The food was very good as well. I had breakfast and lunch and both were good experiences. A little pricey, but great quality.

Overall I can highly recommend Little Polynesian as well. I’m sure this is the best place to stay in Rarotonga and based on conversations with locals it’s only gets better and better. Especially after the new general manager, Alex Wilson arrived in July.

My opinion: Great experience.