Marriott Armenia Hotel Yerevan

Marriott is the best hotel in the capital of Armenia which sadly don’t have any world class hotels. The Marriott instead score high on location and history. It’s located in a beautiful historical building in the city centre og Yerevan. Inside the property is out-dated. The rooms are typical Marriott and how their hotels looked 10-15 years ago. A renovation is needed, but they otherwise have a comfortable feel.

The service was a mixed experience. Some staff were truly great, while others were a bit rude and unhelpful. You can count that the hotel will work for business travelers, but leisure travelers can’t expect much else than a typical Marriott hotel we know from around the world. It was exactly what I expected and I was satisfied with my stay and can highly recommended as the best hotel in Yerevan, just don’t expect much.

My opinion: Good experience.

Was recently interviewed by about my journey to every country. A good source for updates about Armenia.