Mena House Oberoi

I normally don’t like big hotels with 100s of rooms, but Mena House Oberoi in Cairo is the only hotel in the world where you can have a view facing The Pyramides and that was my reason for selecting it for my project.

Mena House Oberoi has a history dated back to 1886 and used to be the only luxury hotel in Cairo until Four Seasons First Residence opened in the end of the 90’s.

I have only had great experiences with Oberoi in the past and I arrived with high expectations. At check in I was informed of an upgrade to an Executive Suite and after a welcome drink I was escorted to it. it had a great contemporary design and was compareable to my suite in Oberoi Mumbai. This suite was located in the new wing of the hotel and I was originally escorted to a suite in the main bulding, but it was incredible out-dated. Small old Tv, out-dated carpets and many other elements. The receptionist fully understood me and after 10 minutes I was given the renovated suite. The renovated suite was unique with it’s amazing view of the Pyramides and many people select this hotel only because of the Pyramides view.

Mena House Oberoi is a hotel with nearly 500 rooms and that is around 5 times more than my maximum preferrence for a city hotel. Fortunately it did not feel like a zoo. The hotel is spread out and it helps a lot. The service was good, but unfortunately the quality of the staff was very mixed. Like in most hotel with so many rooms. I’m happy Mena House will cut the number of rooms down to 420, but it’s still way to big in my opinion. The facilities was very good with a recently build spa which had the same new Oberoi look as the rooms.

Overall a unique experience in terms of the Pyramides view and highly recommended to try once as you can’t get that anywhere else in the world.

My opinion: Great experience.