Microsoft Surface 3, One of the Only Things I Own

I travel light. Extremely light. I don’t own much as I would rather collect memories than things. One of the things I do own, however, is a Microsoft Surface 3. Besides this, I own an iPad mini 2 and a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The rest are things like clothes and toiletries without much value.

I selected the Surface 3 for its lightweight of only 622 grams (887 grams with the optional keyboard), and it’s by far the best laptop I’ve travelled with. It’s actually a tablet with a keyboard which makes it a full laptop replacement. With 4GB of ram, it does not have the issues with a bad performance like my previous laptops.

As I began this post, I travel extremely light, and the laptop is the heaviest item in my bag. I often had headaches after walking long distances with my bag, but after the I got the Surface it’s been better. I would like a lighter Surface in the future if possible. For me, they could remove the USB port and do a screen size of 7 or 8, and focus on making it as light as possible. That might happen in the future as there have been rumours of a Surface Mini, but in the meantime, I am very happy with the Surface 3. There are lighter options for world travel, but as far as I can see the Surface 3 is the most powerful option under one kilogramme.