Montage Beverly Hills

Montage Beverly Hills has included in Condé Nast Travellers Hot List two years ago and furthermore have some of the highest rates in the LA area with a minimum rate of 500 dollars per. night. That in mind I arrived at the hotel with high expectations.I arrived with taxi from LAX and had a fast check in. They didn’t escort me to the room as this isn’t the norm in America. I stayed in a deluxe room which was very good, but nothing special compared to the other rooms and suites I’ve stayed in around the world. The most important thing in a hotel is service and as an independent hotel Montage has done a great job. With chains like Four Seasons and Mandarin Oriental you can count on well-trained staff and Montage was kind of like that. The facilities were very good as well and what makes Montage a safe choice is that it’s a hotel for everyone. Furthermore, it has a good location in Beverly Hills. The food was very good as well. Having breakfast on top of the hotel with great views was very pleasant and so was the service there. Another thing I liked was the Agraria products in the bathroom. A product I saw for the first time, and it was really good.

Overall a very good experience to the portfolio. It’s a great hotel in many ways, well-managed and with a corporate feel to it.

My opinion: Great experience.