Montserrat – My Last Territory in the Caribbean

Travelling to the small island of Montserrat is completely different from a typical Caribbean holiday destination. This beautiful volcanic island is home to approximately 5,000 people including Clover and David, the owners of Gingerbread Hill. I stayed two nights at their place in a comfortable self-catering villa with free Wi-Fi and beautiful views. The owners are very friendly, and it was thanks to them I decided to visit Montserrat at this time. I sent an email asking if there was a ferry from Guadeloupe to Montserrat and was told about a catamaran, the Talamanca making scheduled trips now and then. I then contacted Talamanca, that allowed me to join their trip on December 1st for a small fee with the return to Guadeloupe two days later. The journey was beautiful, but a bit tough as I had only slept a few hours due to my flight to Guadeloupe being approximately 8 hours delayed. For more information about the Talamanca, you can visit

Gingerbread Hill is the highest ranked hotel in Tripadvisor and with great rates. For more information their website is

Montserrat is a small island, and as I’ve done in many other small islands, I decided to hitchhike Saturday morning. It wasn’t difficult, and I easily got the first ride. Later, because of the heat, I decided to go on the public “bus” which was a van. Kenneth, the driver, was friendly and we quickly started a conversation. He told me he also did tours of the island and as I got a good price for a full island tour, I decided to meet up with him in the afternoon. I can’t remember the name of his company, but his number is +1 (664) 496-2612.

The island tour wasn’t really a full island tour as it requires a permission to visit some parts of the islands due to the volcano, but what I saw of Montserrat was fascinating. Such a beautiful island with friendly people. I would rank it among my Caribbean favourites together with St. Barth, Saba and Dominica. Montserrat was my last territory in the Caribbean, but I haven’t done all island within every country/territory, and I’m sure I will be back again in the future. Below are some of my photos.

Kenneth, the driver. Highly recommended for an island tour.