My Boat to Tokelau has been Cancelled

One of the most difficult territories in the world to visit is the small pacific NZ-territory of Tokelau. It is with tears in my eyes I am writing this article. Having worked many hours on getting to Tokelau for the past three years, I am shocked that my boat is cancelled one day before departure. I knew there would be a risk if they don’t receive enough bookings and unfortunately that is the case. As the boat only leaves from Apia, I will have to make my way back to Samoa to complete all territories. I am welcome on the boat any time, I just need to add more time in Samoa next time in case the boat gets cancelled again.
It is not the end of the world, but it is very frustrating to delay the completion of all territories due to something beyond my control.
Now I have more time to enjoy Samoa and American Samoa next door.