My Interview with Bild: Nothing About My Project

I have just been interviewed by Bild here in Leipzig, and while the article is fine, it simply doesn’t mention anything about my project or the amount of countries I have visited. It only focuses on my free nights in luxury hotels, which is only a small part of the project.  I talked a lot about my project, but none of it made it to the article. 

My project is to visit all countries and territories in the world, but according to the journalist, his director only wanted to focus on my free nights in hotels.

The amount of countries I’ve visited is now part of the online article you can read below. I hope future interviews will focus on my challenging project to visit all 324 countries and territories, and not focus on a guy living an easy life in luxury hotels around the world.

I am upset with the last comment saying I would rather be at the spa than exploring the city. I never said that and in fact, I haven’t had time to be at any spa for the past four weeks.

I have probably done 50 interviews in 2015 alone, and this is the first time I have felt the need to complain about an article about me. I will ask all media to send me the article before publication for the future as this feels terrible to say the least.