Ngerende Island Lodge

Ngerende Island Lodge is one of the most expensive hotels in Keyna with rates starting at 1.500 dollars pr. night. Based on that I arrived excited to see how good it could be. All guests takes a flight to Ngerende Island Lodge, but because of my budget I took a local bus to a small town fromwhere Ngerende Island Lodge pick me up. I called them in advance and told them my arrival time, but they made me wait for an hour before they picked me up. They apologized and had something to do with the fact that I was the first guest arriving with a local public bus.
The welcome was very nice where the manager and Maasi Mara dancers welcomed me. I was offered a drink and right after escorted to the room. I stayed in a Deluxe Suite which had a nice wood design, freestanding bathtub and a private terrace. The suite was what i liked most about this place. The service level was very good and personalized as they only have 7 rooms, but the attention to detail was lacking in areas and the staff could need more training. The worst part was the dinner though.

The dinner was the worst meal I have had in any hotel in the world. Inedible and definitely a big disappointment. I first received a badly prepared lamb and then a fish of bad quality. I suggest Ngerende Island Lodge tries to find a great chef or just a chef as soon as possible.

Overall it’s a very good experience, but not worth the high rates. My experience is affected by the bad pick up experience and as you can see on Tripadvisor people really love this lodge. 54 Excellent reviews, 1 very good and 0 average to terrible. Impressive.

 My opinion: Good+ experience.