Nobil Luxury Boutique Hotel

Moldova is located between Ukraine and Romania and is by far the poorest country in Europe. Most people know very little about it and I was excited to see how it would be. I was very positive surprised with the country and the capital Chisinau. Very interesting city with friendly people. Finding the best hotel was a challenge because of limited information so I took the most expensive one. Nobil Luxury Boutique Hotel.

Imagine a fantastic business hotel where everything feels great, professional and well-run, but then imagine a much smaller version of it. Then you have Nobil. They only have 27 rooms and majority of guests are business travelers. I stayed in a single room with a single bed. It small, but everything felt great and had all the standards as the big grand 5 star hotels in Europe. Incredible and very surprising. They used to charge for wifi, but after some complains they now offer it free of charge and it worked very well and fast. The bed was very soft and comfortable and the bathroom had a raining shower.

What Nobil has and what I don’t find in other business hotels is extraordinary personalized service. The staff are really fantastic. I was almost too good to be true. It’s the most expensive hotel in Moldova, but a hotel experience of this standard would cost much more in other countries! The location is perfect as well, right in the city centre with most things within walking distance. I also loved their non-smoking policy in the lobby which was a pleasant surprise as there is no low against it in Moldova. Finally Nobil also have 5-star facilities like a great spa, gym and business facilities.

Overall one of the biggest surprises I’ve had. I didn’t expect Moldova to have a world class hotel, but Nobil proved I was wrong.

My opinion: Great experience.