Non-Luxury Properties/Apartments (March, 16)

As I travel everywhere, it is not always possible to stay in the world’s best and finest luxury hotels. Instead, I have stayed in the following hotels and apartments. They are not part of my Luxury Hotel-collection, but I instead do write up’s or social media promotion for them.

The list below shows the non-luxury properties before April 2015. Onwards, the non-luxury properties will not be put into the box below, but instead be part of articles.

Hotel name and notesCity/Area/CountryStayed
Hotel Torshavn (Central, 3-star hotel)Torshavn, The Faroe Islands2013
Grand Hotel Du Niger (Only good hotel in Niger)Niamey, Niger2013
Country Lodge (Best in Sierra Leone)Freetown, Sierra Leone2013
Tokeh Beach (Best beach resort in Sierra Leone)Freetown, Sierra Leone2013
Parc Belair Hotel (Comfortable city hotel)Luxembourg2010
Ambassador Hotel (Hotel was full but was given a staff room)Hargeisa, Somaliland2014
Nkanga Lodge (4-star family-run lodge with special atmosphere)Johannesburg, South Africa2014
Thatchfoord Lodge (Comfortable little B&B with friendly owners)Johannesburg, South Africa2014
Burj Al Salam (Incredible views of Sana’a Old Town)Sana’a, Yemen2014
Delisha Beach Camp (Basic camp, but a nice experience on the beach)Socotra, Yemen2014
Ixzire Resort (Comfortable choice in a destination without luxury hotels)The Andaman Islands2014
Hotel Sonam Delek (Good budget hotel with great value in Sikkim)Gangtok, Sikkim2014
Broadway Hotel (Colonial boutique hotel with an award-winning restaurant)New Delhi, India2014
Radisson Blu Airport Hotel, Oslo Gardermoen (Perfect location, good rooms)Gardermoen, Oslo, Norway2014
Spitsbergen Hotel (Best property in Svalbard, excellent restaurant)Svalbard2014
Romanza Hotel Corfu (A good tourist hotel in a destination without luxury hotels)Corfu2014
Osprey Beach Hotel (Best hotel in Grand Turk)Turks & Caicos2014
Hilton Columbus Downtown (Best Hilton hotel I have stayed. Newly build with excellent rooms and facilities)Columbus, Ohio, USA.2014
Montreal Airport Marriott In-Terminal Hotel (Good full-service airport hotel with great facilities)Montreal, Canada2014
Nuits St. Pierre (Small 4-room B&B – the best place to stay in St. Pierre)St. Pierre2014
Lancer’s Inn (One of the few comfortable places to stay in the capital of Lesotho)Lesotho2014
Belvedere Boutique Hotel (Used to be a B&B and is still run like one, despite now being a bigger boutique hotel)Windhoek, Namibia2014
Radisson Blu Royal Astorija Hotel (One of Vilnius best hotels with an excellent location in the center of time)Vilnius, Lituania2014
Le Sakoa (Small resort in Mauritius with classical rooms and a good beach)Mauritius2014
Vakona Forest Lodge (This 3-star lodge is the best place to stay outside the capital. Beautiful surroundings, great food and kind staff)Madagascar2014
Le Gite du Mont Combani (Mayotte doesn’t get many tourists, and there are no luxury hotels, but Le Gite du Mont is a nice small guest house)Mayotte2014
Golden Tulip Hotel Bishkek (The best 4-star hotel in Bishkek with new rooms and complimentary high-speed internet)Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan2014
The Palace Hostel San Juan (My first hostel in five years. Good experience and probably the cheapest single rooms in the Caribbean.)San Juan, Puerto Rico.2014
Holiday Inn Sydney (A good comfortable airport hotel with free Wi-Fi and a typical Holiday Inn design and room views of Sydney’s skyline or the airport.)Sydney Airport, Australia2015
Radisson Blu Elizabete Hotel (The most expensive and probably the best of the 4 Radisson hotels in Riga. A comfortable full-service hotel).Riga, Latvia2015
Raffles Gateway Hotel (Hotel located within walking distance of Nadi’s International Airport in Fiji. Comfortable full-service hotel with good food, but, unfortunately, no free Wi-Fi.)Nadi, Fiji2015
Vaiaku Lagi Hotel (The only hotel in Tuvalu. The dirtiest room I have ever seen, sadly. Not been cleaned for years. How can I recommend it? If you only want to stay in a hotel go for it, but if you are OK with guest houses, Esfam Lodge is a lovely small clean lodge.)Funafuti, Tuvalu2015
Esfam Lodge (The best place to stay in Tuvalu. This small guest house is clean and comfortable, unlike any other property I saw on the island of Funafuti)Funafuti, Tuvalu2015
Mararv Private House (Privat secured house. Security is the most important thing in dangerous, Bangui. The accommodation does not have a website, but you can book at, Central African Republic2015
Hotel Robert Reimers (The best hotel in the Marshall Islands. A good and central location. Not a luxury hotel, but comfortable with all you need.)The Marshall Islands2015
Betio Lodge (Together with The George one of the two best places to stay in Kiribati. Basic, but comfortable. Watch the video for details.)Tarawa, Kiribati2015
The George Hotel (Together with Betio Lodge one of the two best places to stay in Kiribati. Surprisingly complimentary and fast Wi-Fi by Pacific standards.)Tarawa, Kiribati2015
Le Campement Bamako (A good value lodge with comfortable, basic rooms with mosquito nets located just outside the city center of Bamako.)Bamako, Mali2016