O on Kloof Boutique Hotel

O on Kloof Boutique Hotel is a 8 room hotel in Bantry Bay, Cape Town which was named one of the 101 best hotels in the world by Tatler in 2008. I loved the incredible design of the lobby and public area. I liked the service where the ladies were excellent and very friendly. The indoor swimming pool, gym and spa was very nice and good to have in such a small hotel. I stayed in a Luxury Room (no.4) and it also had a very contemporary design and comfortable bed, but my overall impression wasn’t too good. The Tv was old and it’s a must to get it replaced with a flatscreen Tv as soon as possible. Pleae note that as of December 2012, the room now looks much better as the Tv’s have been replaced and are now flastcreen. The hotel offers complimentary internet, but it was unstable during my stay. My overall feeling of O on Kloof was very good and it’s highly recommended for it’s value as you have to pay a lot more for an experience like this in other parts of the world.


My opinion: Good experience.