Pacific Resort Aitutaki

Pacific Resort Aitutaki is by far the best hotel in The Cook Islands and for Europeans it must feels like one of the most exclusive locations in the world. A domestic flight from Rarotonga is the only way to get there. It’s membership of Small Luxury Hotels of the World and it’s high rates made me come this far.

I arrived in the airport and received a warm welcome before they took me to the hotel. Aitutaki definitely belongs among the most beautiful places in the world and that makes it hard to have a bad time on the island. Pacific Resort Aitutaki made it much better. From the moment I arrived I had a great time where I first received a warm welcome and a drink before being escorted to the room.

I stayed in a Premium Beachfront Bungalow and it was great. Could need an update soon, but overall a nice place to stay. A bathtub was missing, but otherwise up to the standards that would be required in a SLH-property. The bathroom made up the impression with Bulgari products and the views of the beach were great. The service level was better than I expected. The Pacific is not famous for it’s service level, but Pacific Resort Aitutaki had great well-trained staff and it was overall better than most SLH properties I’ve stayed.

The internet is chargeable as in every other hotel in Rarotonga. You have to buy a internet voucher pr. MB and that would only help you reading your e-mails as it’s very expensive. The food was a great experience with the best breakfast in a long time.

Overall I was delighted to see this level in The Cook Islands. It’s a great destination, but with very few great hotels. Little Polynesian and Pacific Resort Aitutaki is the only really great hotels so it’s definitely not a destination if you like trying different hotels. Stick to Little Polynesian in Rarotonga and Little Polynesian in Aitutaki, that’s my advice.

My opinion: Great+ experience.