Paradise Island Maldives

Paradise Island is part of Villas Hotels and located only 10 minutes by speedboat from the Maldivian capital of Malé. Officially it’s a 4 star, but the actually experience will depend a lot on the accomodation. The water villas are close to fantastic, while the beach villas are very similar to Royal Island which you can read about elsewhere on Hotel Passion.

The arrival experience at Paradise was very nice with a cold towel, welcome drink and a warm welcome from the staff. I was right after escorted to the water villa and was pleasant surprised. The water villas are up to a high standard with comfortable bed, flatscreen Tv, rain shower and a jacuzzi on the balcony. The wifi was probably the best in The Maldives and really impressed me. What didn’t impress me was the food. It was by far the worst experience I have had in The Maldives and one of the worst world wide. I went to three different buffet restaurants and everything felt bad and the taste of everything I tried was bad. I am picky with food, but I normally can always find something to eat. A desperate priority change is needed in the resort. Many people have complained on Tripadvisor about it, but many also don’t mention it as a problem. I guess most people are here on a “once in a life time”-trip and don’t have much to compare with.

Enough about the food. The service was up to a good standard. The front desk was polite and helpful, but service level isn’t comparable with the best Maldivian resorts. Do not expect that. Rates here are much lower, especially in low season the rates are extremly low and great value in every detail, except the food.

My opinion: Good+ experience.